Ride-A-Thon Day 4

Update of my ride on Day 3


Above is summary of my ride on Day 4 above – still can’t work out how to embed so just a screenshot.

Below is a running tally for the week

Day 3 view on climb 1 of 2 up Beaver Creek toward Bachelor Gulch


On day 3 (03/03/2021) I decided to get away from the north side and head over to Beaver Creek. I climbed up beaver creek to the top of Bachelor Gulch, down the other side then as an out and back turned around and made my way home. 

I am not sure why but I really enjoy the Bachelor Gulch Climb. 

Great views fun grade, a little steep at the bottom which reminded me to order a new cassette for the gravel bike. 

Ordered the Sunrace 11-46 11 speed. Officially doesn’t work with Di2 – however unofficially the 46 teeth in the back does work and will save me somewhat on the steeper sections.  

Did repeats on Whiskey Hill in the back of Eagle-Vail.

After this ride feeling pretty good still. I am not pushing too hard so hope to ride every day between now and April 1st.

I hope this finds you all very well. 



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