Day 2 Day Update


Report on my Day 1 ride: After 1 day I’m on track to summit Everest 3 times


  1. On Track to climb Everest 3 times
  2. Pedal Power Pledges Amazing Support
  3. A beautiful day in the Colorado Rockies today (03/02/2021)

So yesterday I climbed 3855 feet. Do you think I can climb more than that today? Check back later.

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Welcome to Day 2 of the Special Olympics Colorado Fundraiser

Below is a photo of what it looks like out my window right now.  A perfect Colorado High Country bluebird day!

Colorado Rockies bluebird Day fundraiser

Good afternoon,

It’s March 2nd and I got my first ride in yesterday. The weather was amazing so was hoping to knock of some good climbing however life got in the way and I started rather late.

That said, I still had a great ride and met some friendly people who said they would pledge. NICE!


My ride on day 1 partway up Mountain Star looking back at Beaver Creek

My Goal for the 31 Day Ride-A-Thon

So yesterday I set a goal of 100,000 feet climbed. Turns out this is a little more than 3 times Everest. Mt Everest stands at 29,032 feet.

Multiply that by 3 and I get 87,096′.

Yesterday I climbed 3855 feet. So I am 4.45% of the way to summiting Everest 3 times and have only used 3.23% of my time. Sweet!

I am still shooting for 100K because that sounds cool to me but as a back up 3 times Everest at 89,000 and change will do just fine. 

However, that said I do want you all to know that I do want it to snow! Don’t think I want blue skies so I can ride outdoors. We get plenty in the summer, right?

So that said I am a little anxious to get more vertical in on these nice days. 

Money in the bank as they say. 

Part of the problem is I have a full-time job. I really like my job but need to spend time on it. I spent the morning doing that… 

I am a real estate investor. I buy houses, renovate them then rent them out. So as a side note if you know anyone that wants a really easy way to sell their house tell them about me. 

My goal is to make selling a house as easy as trading in your car for a new one. 

Ok, so I have been working all morning on house stuff. It is now 12:32 PM. This UPDATE is my last task then I am going to go for a ride. 

Thanks for your continued support. I will ask again… PLEASE share this and tell your friends family and associates. 



Shaun M

My Plan for Day 1 of Ride-A-Thon

So today plan is:

  1. I have to work of course so will try to get some good work done by 12:00
  2. Plan to get on the bike around 12:30 and clock 3000+ vert.
  3. Back to work. 

Check back later to see if I got my vert in. I will keep posting where we are at with pledges and donations and my progress too. 

As I always ask – please share this with people 

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