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What Is A Title Company And How Do They Protect The Seller?

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Eric and I after confidently completing the closing on a house through a title company. These days it’s more common to do remote closings which add to the convenience!

What is a Title Company?

A title company is a 3rd party company that helps people buy and sell real estate.

A title company checks that the person selling is actually allowed to sell the property. They also make sure that the property doesn’t have any liens on it or hidden items that would cause any issues for the buyers.

Once the title company has checked and cleared any title issues they will help by transferring ownership of the house to the buyer and the funds to the seller. 

In short, if you are selling the house they make sure you get paid your cash! Which is a key component of how a title company can protect the seller when they sell any real estate.

How Does a Title Company Protect Someone Selling Their House?

A title company plays an important role in protecting the seller’s interests during a real estate transaction. It doesn’t matter who you are selling to or what they say you must always use a title company when selling your house or home!

So how does a title company protect you?

A title company helps with the sellers contracts

If you are selling your house the title company will help you with all of the contracts that are associated with the procedure. I have not met a title agent that isn’t willing to talk to you and answer any question you have about selling your property.

Title companies will protect the seller by reviewing contracts and making sure they are legal and valid.

The title company ensures all legal documents are completed correctly

Very similar to above, right? The title company will ensure ALL paperwork, documents, and title work is completed correctly. 

Now can you see why title companies are a must when you sell?

The best we buy houses companies will always use a title company during the closing process ensuring the buyer and the seller of the house are taken care of without any issue. 

Title companies help the seller with the paperwork

Title companies help the seller with the paperwork. AND believe me, there is a lot!

There is paperwork for the banks. There is paperwork for the local government agencies. 

The title company handles paperwork for these too:

  • federal government
  • IRS
  • 1031 Exchange Documents
  • Utilities
  • HOA’s

AND the list goes on and on!

So unless you are 100% sure you have all these bases covered you can absolutely see how a title company is working for the seller and protecting their interests.