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The Complete Dictionary of Investor Jargon

Jargon is a literary term that is defined as the use of specific phrases and words in a particular situation, profession, or trade. These specialized terms are used to convey hidden meanings accepted and understood in that field.

HIDDEN MEANINGS… This sounds rather nefarious does it not?

Why do so many real estate investors and cash home buyers muddle their messages with mush-mouthed words and cliches?

  • a. To sound smart?
  • b. To fit in?
  • c. To hide their lack of knowledge?
  • d. To confuse us?

If you ask me it’s option e. All of the above.

BUT whatever the reason, it’s time that we clear the air.

Today I begin my journey to reveal and define commonly used terms in the real estate industry. 

Clear communication is everyone’s job. So let’s take the time—and have the courage—to say what we mean and mean what we say, no excuses.

As a cash home buyer, Our Mission involves full disclosure and 100% transparency. Explaining these common real estate terms and defining them as is part of that Mission.

Our hope is that doing this it will make selling your house fast less stressful.

So without any more delay scroll down to see our alphabetically ordered list of real estate jargon materialize before your eyes.

NB: If there is a term you think should be on our list just let us know. We will gladly add it!

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Common Real Estate Terms, Jargon and, Definitions Cash Home Buyers Use

Do you want to add a word to our dictionary?

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