Show us you care by donating just one dollar to my fundraiser for Special Olympics Colorado.

Initially, this will be about who is involved. However, ultimately I think it will be noticeable who isn’t… right? Don’t miss out. The sooner you join the bigger your logo, the more press releases, and it just feels good to care about our community.

Don’t you agree it feels good to help out?


Companies that Care and Contribute to Colorado

Right now you can prove you care by supporting me (Shaun Martin) in raising awareness for Special Olympics Colorado and our awesome local athletes!

Maybe your business doesn't care???


If your company doesn’t care then sorry for bothering you. 

But I bet you do care so right now you can join us. 

Earn your spot in the fastest-growing network of companies that care and contribute to Colorado and the greater community. 

THIS IS A FACT: In the past 24 hours, our network has experienced a growth rate that exceeds 4935%!!!!

Don’t get left behind. The company next to you just joined up. AND it basically cost them nothing AND the best part?

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There is no limit to who can be part of this, however, the sooner you join the more mentions and press releases and exposure you will get this month and forevermore!

Don’t miss out. 

This is where it all begins…

The first exposure will be through a Special Olympics Colorado Fundraiser right here. 

This fundraiser is about a guy on a bike who loves to ride and loves coaching Special Olympics Athletes. You should absolutely support him and prove to Colorado your biz cares.

Joining the network basically costs you nothing beyond just telling us that you care.

Just email me at: [email protected] Subject: My Colorado Company Cares too! or fill out the form below.  

Keep reading. 

About the current fundraiser and how to join…. FOR FREE (almost)

Nothings 100% free, right (smiley face because i don’t know how to do emojis.)

Local Cyclist Climbing Everest 3 times to Raise Money for Special Olympics Colorado.

Click on the image above to start exploring what you can be part of!

My name is Shaun. I love to ride my bikes, I am a husband, father of 4 cats, a real estate investor and a coach for Special Olympics Colorado.

“I need support from Colorado Companies that care about the community.”

I am raising money for Special Olympics Colorado. The money will mean more athletes can afford to participate in training events and competitions (GO AWAY COVID! – It’s happening with many local athletes now completed their vaccinations).

Special Olympics Colorado is extremely beneficial for athletes and their families because:

  1. It improves athletes’ physical abilities.
  2. Creates a support network for athletes and
  3. Provides another social outlet for athletes and families.
  4. Provides another group that families and athletes can get support from.
  5. Special Olympics Colorado sports helps athletes learn skills that help in all activities of daily living.
  6. All these benefits can lead to greater independence for the athlete.

I am raising money by riding my bike. FUN! The more I ride the more I more money I hope to raise.

If you ready to join email us now at:
[email protected]
SUBJECT: My Company Cares Too

I desperately need the support of businesses that provide services in Colorado. I am looking for the following:

“Companies that Care and Contribute to Colorado”

To prove yourself and reap all the benefits you need to do the following (it’s very simple and only costs $1.00):

  1. Email me at [email protected] SUBJECT: Company that cares.

I would say call me, but I get so many fake calls now about car warrantees, cruises I have won and that my social security is in danger I ignore many of them – so email is probably best, is that ok?

  1. Donate $1.00. Yes, just donate a $1.00 flat donation.

You can do more if you like but $1.00 matters. You can just tell me that you will donate in the email and I can help from there… (the most important step is emailing me the first time!) JUST DO IT!

  1. Promise that you will share this fundraiser with all your fans and members on Facebook, family and friends.

That’s it!

Benefits to you.

  1. You will be added to our fundraiser page. You can see the list of businesses that care right here.
  2. and promoted as a company that cares. This is getting all sorts of coverage so far and we only just started to push it. You can see below a couple articles picked up by local papers like the Vail Daily and National news outlets like FOX, KTVN and
  3. We will allow you to tell people going forward that you are a Company that Cares and Contributes to Colorado.

For the 800 plus realtors in the Vail Valley the odd real estate publication is picking this up too!

Finally, the biggest benefit is you will know that you spent a dollar truly making a difference.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Email me now!

[email protected]

SUBJECT: Company that cares.


Here is an example of a write up we did that will be pushed out many many many times. All it cost was for them to care.

Don’t miss out….


On the first day of my challenge, I stopped at Pedal Power, a bike store in Eagle Vail, Colorado. I have always liked Pedal Power. They are a great bike store. I mentioned the fundraiser to Meghan and John. They are huge bike enthusiasts (well they own a bike shop, right) and were thrilled for the opportunity. They were thrilled for me, thrilled for the athletes and thrilled to have an opportunity to contribute!

Pedal Power is officially the first Colorado Company that cares and contributes!

I know I said this already but it was so awesome just how genuinely excited they were for me, for the athletes, for Special Olympics.

They were generous with their support and plan to let as many people as they can know and on top of that gave a sizeable cash donation!

If you ever have the chance be sure to check out Pedal Power in Avon CO. Even if you can’t stop in shoot them a message letting them know that you know that they truly care. Maybe you can even buy a bike from them :-).

Pedal Power

Vail’s Original Bike Shop.

Address: 40814 US-6, Avon, CO 81620

Phone: (970) 845-0931

Email: [email protected]

I know there are many other businesses that care and I hope you will let me know about them.

There is room for every business that cares.

There can not be too many Companies that Care and Contribute to Colorado.

Email me now!

[email protected]

SUBJECT: Company that cares.

My Company Cares Too!