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This Is How We Buy Houses In Denver | Simple And Easy

We Buy Houses Denver, CO | Watson Buys

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This Is How We Buy Houses In Denver Colorado

This is a video explaining how we buy houses in Denver, CO. Please watch and submit any feedback. Thanks!

CTO of Watson Buys, Shaun, explains how we buy houses in Denver, Colorado.

Our process makes selling simple and easy for you.


Hi there
My name is Shaun and I am the owner of Watson Buys.
Today I will tell you how we make selling a house faster and easier.
And how we’re different from all the other cash home buyers.
But first – at any point, if you have any questions or want to contact us directly,
I invite you to talk to one of our friendly reps like me,
by calling us using the little red phone icon probably at the top of the screen or simply fill out one of our forms.

So how do we make selling your house fast?

We make selling a house fast by working directly with you the seller because this gets rid of realtors and any unexpected or inadvertent delays they or their clients might cause.
Another thing we do to speed up the process is we pay cash for houses using 100% verified cash funds because
this means we can avoid any red tape or delays commonly found when dealing with banks.
AND a really neat added bonus to eliminating realtors their clients and banks
is that we save you heaps of money because now there are no agent commissions
there is no bank fees so yeah that’s really good.
I said we make selling a house easier too.
Our mission is to make selling a house easier because a lot of people don’t enjoy the stress
OR want the hassle of selling a house the old fashion way.
A couple things that we do that make selling a house easy are:
First, we will buy the house as-is.
So when you sell to us you don’t need to fix anything or rehab anything. Heck, you don’t even have to clean anything.
We will take care of all of that.
Secondly, we make selling a house easy by taking care of all of the paperwork that’s necessary.
Our team can prepare and execute any contracts.
We fix any clouded title and title issues.
If it’s an inherited property may be siblings or aunties or uncles involved.
We are well versed in processing that.
And ultimately we can buy any property in any condition or in any legal bind or situation
And we’re going to ensure all the legal processes and all the parties involved are taken care of correctly.
And most importantly we make sure the ownership and the funds, your money, are transferred properly.
AND you can trust you will get your cash every time because at Watson Buys we will use a 3rd party legit title company.
And you can choose that company
Or you can have us recommend one.
It’s totally up to you.
So in summary at Watson Buys we buy house fast and we make the selling process really easy.
We make it fast because you can sell your house direct.
And we have money to purchase the property right now ready to go.
We make selling easy by doing everything for you.
You just have to contact us and then we can get the ball rolling.
So, finally, let me say when you do talk with us you are under NO OBLIGATION to sell us your house.
Of course, we would love to buy your house.
However, we may not be the best solution for you.
So, when we talk, if we’re not a good fit we are definitely going to tell you.
AND because we have heaps of experience in the real estate industry there’s a really good chance we can point you in the right direction.
So, Ok then
Thanks for your time. I really appreciate you watching this.

What are we buy houses and cash home buyers thinking?

Insight into how we buy houses and what a cash home buyer is thinking about the wholesaling industry including pros and cons of we buy houses businesses

We recently had a conversation with Ryan Hunting For Homes. Ryan has a wealth of knowledge in and around the “We buy houses for Cash” Industry and is now even helping wholesalers rank in their local market. 

This is what Ryan had to say about The Real Estate Wholesale and We Buy Houses Industry in today’s environment. Take it away Ryan.

I am a real estate wholesaler with over 20 years experience and I operate a business that teaches real estate investors and wholesalers how to successfully close transactions. Over the years, I have wholesaled and worked with wholesalers, so I can speak from both sides if the aisle. I’ve been featured in Authority Magazine. I know what I’m talking about.

My condensed answers are as follows. When you respond, I will give you in depth responses to anything you want to know.

The PRO’s of wholesaling:
* The buyer can get a GREAT deal, at a good price.
* The buyer can avoid real estate agent fees.
* The buyer can usually close quicker with a wholesaler. Why? Because banks are seldom involved.
* If the buyer pays in cash, it makes the transaction that much smoother.

The CON’s of wholesaling:
* The buyer needs to do their homework. Not everyone who claims to be a wholesaler really knows what they are doing.
* Laws on wholesaling vary state by state. The buyer should consult a local real estate attorney for more information.

You can tell if a company is legit (usually), if you look online. For example, does the wholesaler have a website? Are they part of the Better Business Bureau? Do they have a Google My Business profile? If so, what is the Google My Business rating? If you do your homework and all of the above checks out, that’s a very encouraging sign.

If you are a wholesaler, you can stand out from the crows by really going in depth about yourself, your experience, and having a bio, website, belonging to the BBB, having a Google business profile, etc. Believe it or not, some wholesalers do not go this far in depth with their services, so if you find one that does, all the better.

I own a company that was created to train novice real estate wholesalers and investors. It walks them through deals, teaches them the basics, the processes, and we literally hold their hand through transactions. We even work with experienced wholesalers and investors by helping them land more deals. 

Please reach out to Ryan if you want to improve your local rankings for your landing site and get more deals. 

Ryan Ksiezopolski
Wholesaler – Investor