We Reveal The Best Realtors In Vail Valley

Here’s the thing,

If you are buying or selling property in Vail Valley you want the best realtor because:

  • The best realtor can bring the best buyers.
  • The best realtors have off-market, pocket listings.
  • The best agents have seller lists begging to buy your property.
  • The best agent will dedicate themselves to finding your dream home.
So without further lets find out just who is the best realtor in the Vail Valley.

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Top Nine Traits of Best Real Estate Agents

9. Problem Solver: Have you ever heard an agent say the following? “I’m sorry but there are just no houses listed that meet your criteria” I know I have and my response is…

What are you going to do about it?

Successful agents don’t present problems, they solve them! The best professionals will get out there and make someone sell! Which is a great segway to trait number 9.

8. Hustle: Ever heard the saying The harder you work the luckier you get?

Top agents are hardworking hustlers who have a great work ethic. Not only will they pursue every available lead but they will regularly pull houses for sale, seemingly, out of nowhere.  

AND for an agent to be great at this they must have ample of Trait Number 8.

7. Connections: It just makes sense right? The more people you know the more houses you will have available to potentially buy or sell. 

The best realtor will have ample connections. AND connections can be broken down into 2 categories with different benefits:

  1. Connections for Buyers: Agents with local connections can find off-market deals and present them to a buyer before others get to see them. As long as you can present a realistic offer you might just get your house faster than you think.
  2. Connections for Sellers: The best agent will have a book of local, national, and international sellers. They will have someone ready to buy your house before you even knew you were selling it!

6. Honest and Integrity: How do you know when a realtor is lying?


The best professionals not only make the deal happen but they do it in a manner that is pleasing to all parties involved, which in my books absolutely must involve their competition. 

I have been speaking with heaps of local realtors and the amount of skullduggery is increasing quickly. 

Believe it or not, there is a Realtors code of conduct and I want to highlight just one small insignificant one. But one that is quickly highlighting realtors with and without integrity.


Now let me preface it with this. If you are a consumer, client, a customer of any kind, for any business and you have ever made a complaint about fair dealings AND you then sign on with another realtor because they promise to charge you lease then you are part of the problem. 

I know you are thinking, but Shaun what if they are doing a bad job? That is s a different situation entirely and can be proven objectively. 

Dont switch agents mid-contract just for a smaller fee.

AND NOW MORE IMPORTANTLY: If you are an agent pilfering client in this manner I warn you that selling services based purely on price will lead to your ultimate demise. 

If you don’t trust me then you need to do some reading on why competing on price alone is a bad idea.

Shall we move into more positive waters again?

5. Self Motivator: Any list talking about the best performer has to include self-motivator right? It just goes without, or in this case, with, saying. 

A self-motivated agent will have the drive and desire to control their own destiny. They will be a successful agent. AND do you know what successful agents do?

They find houses for you to buy and/or sell. 

4. Best agent will pay attention to detail: Missing a deadline can result in you losing your earnest money! OR you could miss out on buying a house completely. 

Real estate transactions are very common therefore many people forget the gravity and legality of them. Just think about it…

You are buying something for hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars. You need that something to be in good condition right? You absolutely must know that the house can be sold legally. No title issues, no structural concerns, etc. 

The best agent will have all the details taken care of. AND (for another sweet segway) will be able to clearly communicate this to you.

3. Communication is a key trait of the best realtors: Communication is not an exciting idea but is extremely important.

Let me exaggerate the idea with an example.

Your agent is just told about a house in Eagle-Vail that is perfect for you. It has not come to market, needs minor repairs and the seller is ready to move. In fact, the seller is willing to sell for less than the market value because they don’t want the hassle of listing it and making repairs. What does your agent do?

Nothing! They don’t tell you. They DO NOT Communicate. Now guess what happens to this dream house of yours?

Someone else buys it and lives happily ever after!

Get my point?

Real estate agents that communicate well let you know about:

  1. Upcoming listings.
  2. Current seller interest in your house.
  3. Showing feedback and ideas to garnish more interest.
  4. Purchase agreement details, amendments, and additions.
  5. Closing timelines, important dates, and details around the purchase or sale of a house.

AND the list could go on! 

2. Personality Matters: I fear I may soon sound like a broken record as it’s all about finding or selling your home but the best agent has a great personality. People want to talk to them. If people want to talk to them they will talk to more people and ultimately end up with more opportunities for themselves and better yet, for you!

1. Knowledge is power.  Knowledge can come in many forms in real estate. Great local knowledge may save you a costly mistake by not buying a house next to an empty lot that will soon become a 24-hour bar! Financial knowledge could net you a great loan. City planning knowledge could lead your agent to present a future development that would suit your needs perfectly. 

To put it more simply, If your agent has knowledge of a house you want to buy then you can buy it!

If you’re buying a house, selling an apartment, or looking to rent anywhere in the Valley the best agent will make the process much easier. If you care to have us add any trait you believe should be included let us know via the form. 

We are happy to change this from Top 9 Traits of the Best Real Estate Agents to The Top Ten List of Best Realtors. 


Top Realtors in Vail Valley

The best realtor in the Vail Valley Number 10. 

To work out the best real estate agents in Eagle County we have taken into account a number of factors. 

We have performed extensive online reviews. Some of the platforms we have used to gather information are Yelp.com, Zillow, and realtor.com.

Of course, if you are familiar with the real estate scene in Vail, most of the normal “players” show up such as:

  • Slifer Smith and Frampton Real Estate
  • Coldwell Banker Real Estate
  •  Berkshire Hathaway HomeServies Colorado Properties
But I really wanted to get past this big face brokerage that just pays to be first. I wanted to highlight realtors on a much deeper level. 

Search for the best realtor in vail and find large faceless brokerages


That’s not to say the top agents don’t work for the big companies. AND we will certainly highlight the brokerages they work in.

However, we wanted to highlight more the individual agent.

What should the best realtor exhibit? what traits should the best have?