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2021 Awards for Best Local Cash Home Buyers Near Me

The REI Commission is a governing body for the Real Estate Investing Industry and stands for Empathy, Innovation, Respect. 

Here you will find the best local companies that pay cash for houses near you. If you are thinking about selling for cash you must spend a few minutes here learning about the industry and find out who is the best real estate investment company that is paying cash for houses near me and near you. 

2021 W.B.H Commission Awards for Excellence

MISSION STATEMENT of W.B.H Commission: Increase transparency, promote sound business practice, ensure legitimacy, inspire businesses toward equity and equality. 

Since the inception the W.B.H Commission it’s members have lead the industry into strong and meaningful position. 

We appreciate the ongoing support and commitment of members and their communities. 


Top 50 Best Local We Buy Houses Companies Based in Your City!

Jump to the Best 50 Cash Buyers (although to understand how an investment property company wins an award from the WBH Commission you can quickly read your way down…)


Selling a house is a monumental task. It involves possibly the biggest transaction you will ever participate in. I know for me it was!

AND because of this it an create a lot of stress. 

Enter in the Cash for houses companies, real estate investors and also known as “we buy  houses for cash” businesses. Their mission is to make selling a house fair simple and easy.

However, like any industry there are good apples and bad apples. Today we are going to present the best 50 Comanies that pay cash for houses near you. 

These companies have all been presented with the prestigious W.B.H Commission Award for Excellence. 

If you are thinking of selling for cash you must talk to your local winner for sure. Even if you don’t sell to them at least you know you are talking to the best!

If you need a fast cash sale on your house you must work with the best company.


How did we rank the best "we buy houses" companies?

Why did we decide to pick 50 companies? 

We chose 50 because that means we will give you one from each state.

How did we choose the best cash buyers near me?

We used a 790 point scale that looked at things like:

  1. Online presence and accessibility
  2. Do they have a local, boots on the ground presence
  3. Client reviews
  4. Their phone manner (we did a lot of secret shopping 😉 – and are continuing to do more.
  5. How many rings to answer their phone.
  6. How long to send a cash offer make a deal
  7. Did they explain their process easily?
  8. Was their cash buying process simple?
  9. Did they do what they said they would do on their website?
  10. Were their reviews legitimate or short one-liners?
  11. Do they have a full social media presence (this indicates that the business is actually trying to be a community member)
  12. Was the company transparent?
  13. Was the company honest?

AND the list of items went on to be a total of 79. Each item was given a score of 1 to 10. 1 being not good and 10 being really good. If a company scored perfect 10’s on each item their total score would be 790.


2021 Awards of Excellence in the Cash Home Buyers Industry - TOP 50

Below is a list of the 50 states in alphabetical order and the company that achieved the highest level of excellence above all other companies in 2021

 New Hampshire 
 New Jersey 
 New Mexico 
 New York 
North Carolina 
 North Dakota 


Rhode Island 
South Carolina 
South Dakota 
 West Virginia 

Companies that buy houses for cash

Companies that buy houses for cash are also known as we buy houses companies. Typically these businesses invest in real estate. They look to find off-market properties and buy them for cash at a discounted rate.

Companies that buy houses for cash reviews

Reviews about companies that buy houses for cash are very important. The reviews give you a third-party impartial analysis of just how they buy houses and if they are succesful as cash home buyers.

The success of cash home buyers relies heavily on the outcome which is measured by….Did they buy a house for cash!

Makes sense right?

This webpage compiles all the best we buy houses companies in the land and puts it in one place for your convenience.

You will be able to look at reviews from all the best cash for houses companies right here.