The Best Ever Home Remodeling Tips and DIY Renovation Projects

Top Home Remodeling Tips and 11 Genius DIY Renovation Projects.

11 DIY Reno projects you can do today and insider tips to make sure you don’t make major mistakes with your next renovation no matter how big or small.

Remodeled rooms, home restoration and home remodeling contractors. Does decorating den add value? These are all things you need to know about and will learn right here. By learning these things you will ensure the next home remodeling project and DIY renovation you take on is a 100% complete success.

Go get em tiger!


Quick note on Denver local Experts who contributed to this article.

We buy Denver houses and are willing to share all we know.

Tara, Raymond and Phil have been buying Denver houses for many years. They buy Denver houses then perform renovations to increase the value.

“When we buy Denver houses we do so to make a profit. I like to think we are good at it. Certainly pays the rent. I am happy to add comments throughout this article to add value tfor the readers.” Thanks Phil!


Before we dive deep into home renovation content quickly watch this.

Home remodelling Secret Tips for Success.

Take a look Sara’s advice. She is a Denver Expert Flipper and is happy to share.

Top Home Remodeling Tips and 11 Genius DIY Renovation Projects.

11 DIY Reno projects you can do today and insider tips to make sure you don’t make major mistakes with your next renovation no matter how big or small.

Remodeled rooms, home restoration and home remodeling contractors. Does decorating den add value? These are all things you need to know about and will learn right here. By learning these things you will ensure the next home remodeling project and DIY renovation you take on is a 100% complete success.

Go get em tiger!


Quick note on Denver local Experts who contributed to this article.

We buy Denver houses and are willing to share all we know.

Tara, Raymond and Phil have been buying Denver houses for many years. They buy Denver houses then perform renovations to increase the value.

“When we buy Denver houses we do so to make a profit. I like to think we are good at it. Certainly pays the rent. I am happy to add comments throughout this article to add value tfor the readers.” Thanks Phil!


Before we dive deep into home renovation content quickly watch this.

Home remodelling Secret Tips for Success.

Take a look Sara’s advice. She is a Denver Expert Flipper and is happy to share.


Ever Thought About Flipping Houses in Denver?

Are you dreaming of generating fast cash in Denver, Colorado, through fix and flips?

Flipping houses in Denver can be profitable. However, it comes with some significant challenges. There are many Denver fix and flip companies. There are many good people in the fix and flip industry willing to give you sound advice. We take our first look into house flipping for you on this page. I suggest first you read the information about home renovation and how to ensure a successful rehab project. These renovation tips are applied when perming fix and flips in Denver too.


Home remodeling will improve the value of your house…

But with so many options, it pays to get expert advice on maximizing the return on your investment. Remodeled rooms individually can be performed more easily than taking on a home restoration involving bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and the rest of the house. Should I decorate a den? I could do that myself, right? Would a den decorating DIY project add value? Surely I wouldn’t need a contract for that level of a house to remodel?

If taking on a large home restoration is what you plan to do, I highly recommend finding a home remodeling contractor that is well-reviewed and enjoying spending time with. Believe me. You will be spending a lot of time with them. Make sure they “get” you. This is vitally important.

But hold on… Let’s step back for a second before diving in too much.

PRO TIP: If you are planning a home renovation to improve your house’s value, be sure to understand what your local area can support. By this, I mean, there is no point spending $50,000 on a house if the maximum it can sell for is $51,000, right?

Let’s review some amazing tips and discuss the best home remodeling ideas to increase what your house is worth. Also, get insider tips from house renovation experts to ensure your next house renovation projects go to plan, budget, and lots of fun.

Home Remodeling is exciting, and with so many fixing and flip and home renovation shows today and information online, we are flooded with some beautiful ideas. So how do we choose between these beautiful ideas? A home remodeling contractor would be a great source of ideas and information.

How do we make great decisions regarding the next home remodeling project or home restoration you plan to take? Again, a home remodeling contractor would be a wealth of knowledge. Not only could they provide specific answers, but they could refer other professionals to ensure a successful house remodel.

There’s a lot of designing a property, and remodeling a house can get very expensive very quickly. To help you avoid any mistakes and have a wonderful experience, we’re doing all the work for you. We have the top home remodeling tips and renovation expert advice just for you. Then we present home remodeling projects that will improve your home’s value and make it a more enjoyable space to live in. Along the way, you will get insider professional tips and tricks which will make the journey that much more fun. Don’t miss out. Put your work boots on, and let’s go muck it out.


Below we introduce you to all the amazing tips and ideas to help you with your next home remodeling project. Then don’t miss a more in-depth look at each great idea later on.

Section 1: Home remodeling Tips to ensure success with your next renovation.

Don’t start renovating before you are ready.

I’m just going to say it. A great home remodeling contractor can help you know if you are truly ready to take on your planned renovation. Anyone on their team will understand what you want to do and help you get there.  Christian of Kind Home Solutions, a painted roof and home care company located in Denver, had this to say. “Great contractors will all have quality employees, be willing to invest in their employees, remain knowledgeable and flexible for the clients, and provide a complete range of services. When I’m asked about finding contractors or someone specifically asking me how to find a great painter or roofer near me, I often highlight some traits. They will be able to ask you the right questions so you will quickly understand if you  are ready to move forward with your renovation.”

Underestimating home renovation costs.

A Den or basement decoration or remodel will obviously cost less than a complete gut job. Don’t underestimate the costs of time and money. Don’t miss the greater detail found in this guide.

Make a plan for your next house remodel.

Guess who can help you make a house remodeling plan? You guessed it – a house remodeling professional. I am not in the business of renovating houses for other people, but I have done enough to know that a great home remodeling contractor is worth their weight in gold.

During the renovation, be prepared for things to go wrong.

Home restoration projects always go sideways. Keep reading.

Hire a designer, so the layout makes sense.

Do you know how home restoration projects will go sideways? Well, a designer can prevent this from getting out of control.

Cheap isn’t always cheaper when it comes to home remodels and renovations.

You don’t have to pay through the nose, but like in any industry, a good home remodeling contractor or house renovation expert won’t be the cheapest on the block. Totally worth it, though.

When hiring contractors and renovation professionals, make sure you feel good about them.

Be it the plumber, designer, or general contractor, when hiring contractors to remodel your home. You want to feel good about them. Be sure to read what we mean.

Always ask for references.

And be sure to check them. Every great home renovation contractor and designer will be willing to give you references.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the remodel.

The contractors you use to perform your house remodeling project are there to answer your questions.

Change orders cost time and money – in a perfect world, you wouldn’t make any changes.

A contractor will understand and charge you for removing another wall during a home remodel, even adding a simple light switch. A great contractor will be able to show you why the extra renovation in your house costs.

Pay for quality on regularly used items.

Like you should pay for great contractors remodeling your house, you should pay for other quality items. We will explain.

Overspending on luxury items.

Don’t make this mistake.

Hire a general contractor to keep the house renovation on track.

Hopefully, I have mentioned it enough to impress on you the importance of having great contractors to work with when you take on the next home remodel. Big or small, the project you take on should be managed by someone who completely understands the remodeling process. This may be you if taking on something like replacing kitchen cabinet handles. Obviously, if it’s a $40,000 house renovation, finding a home remodeling contractor that fits you and your project is key.

Section 2: Home Remodeling Ideas that will Increase the Value of Your House.

The following remodeling ideas somewhat speak for themselves. Here is a quick elaboration, and we will go into greater detail further on.

Repaint your Kitchen Cabinets

A remodel idea that can transform your kitchen – takes some time but well worth the return.

Upgrade from Laminate to Solid Stone Surface

A little more costly but can create a high-end finish feel.

Paint your Interior Doors

This home remodeling idea creates fresh contrast and a modern feel when done right.

Replace Kitchen Hardware

A quick and easy renovation idea that can instantly update any kitchen.

Soft Close Toilet Seats

Create a high-end feel with a simple and cost-effective upgrade.

Soft Close Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Another awesome renovation idea.

Paint a Room

Need I say more.

Barn wood Feature Wall

Don’t miss the explanation of this.

Replace Interior Door Handles

Another fabulous home remodels on a budget looking for maximum impact.

Install Tile Backsplash

Can really frame a kitchen or bathroom turning drab to fab.

Now you know the content you can find here about home renovation tips to make sure the job goes well and some amazing ideas you could start today. let’s jump right in stop talking in further detail about tips turn sure your next home remodeling project goes to plan

Several tips and more focused on a person who plans to hire professional contractors or tradespeople to help them with their next home renovation. The content is still worth reading if you are an experienced DIY person about to embark on your next renovation project and your house. In fact, these tips could be applied outside of the house renovation business too. Enjoy.

Section 1: Home remodeling Tips to ensure success with your next renovation.

Don’t start renovating before you are ready.

It’s straightforward to watch a show or talk to a friend about making changes to your home. It actually is a lot harder, and a lot more work than many people realize to get it done. I always say sleep on it before you start tearing something apart. Make sure that you understand realistically how much and how long this could take. Believe it or not, there’s an emotional toll also. By all means, tackle Unix great harm renovation project. Just be sure to think it through.

Underestimating costs.

My brother always says if you think something will take 3 hours, double it and add another. When it comes to home renovations and remodeling, the same can be said. House renovation projects always cost twice as much and take twice as long as overly optimistic homeowners believe it will cost. After you spoke to some general rule of thumb, add 20% to both the time and cost. I always recommend talking to at least three different contractors to get an understanding of the entire project.

Make a plan

Making a plan will help you estimate the cost more accurately. It will help you understand what you are trying to achieve. It will help you estimate how long the project will take and, ultimately, what it will look like in the end. As with anything you do, if you make a plan, the chance of success is much greater. Success in home renovations and DIY projects can be measured by staying on budget, on time, and by the level of enjoyment or pain experienced.

Be prepared for things to go wrong.

When remodeling hey home or performing a small DIY project, be prepared for things to take longer than you expect. Even the most well-reviewed professionals and the most prepared DIY’ers can make mistakes. If you made a good plan, you could expect list things to go wrong for sure. When working on older homes, I find the more projects you take on, exponentially increasing the number of mistakes or project change orders.

Hire a designer, so the layout makes sense.

When performing a larger home remodeling project like a kitchen renovation, be sure to hire A designer who understands how to layout space correctly. Using the kitchen as an example, there are some common rows around spacing the fridge, stove, and kitchen sink. A good designer will create a layout that makes sense and explains why this is so. not firing is designer may result in, then you have to completely reconfigure a space that would obviously lead to a massive budget blowout.

Cheap isn’t always cheaper.

Trying to save money by not hiring a designer, as mentioned, could lead to a massive budget blowout. Hiring the cheapest contractor just because they’re cheaper could also lead to a greater experience. Like any industry, people that perform good work typically charge more. Be willing to spend money on a great contractor. be patient and willing to wait if that contractor is busy. If somebody is cheap and available to start right away, that could be a warning sign— just a thought.

When hiring professionals, make sure you feel good about them.

When looking to hire professionals, a designer, general contractor, plumber, or even landscaper, make sure you get along with them. You will be spending time with them, asking them plenty of questions, and relying on the expertise. This is a relationship depending on the size of the harm renovation that could go on for quite some time period. Therefore there must be a certain level of respect and understanding between you and the people that help with your house renovation. For example, someone may be an amazing designer. However, they are acidic and completely different from yours. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to ask that designer for reference and explain why. Great professionals will always respect your decisions and be willing to help regardless.

Always ask for references.

I always recommend talking to at least three previous customers before hiring any person to help me with my next home renovation. Ideally, the reference will have head the same project completed at their home. Better yet, don’t just talk on the phone but see if the person would let you see the finished product. That would give you a perfect sense of what to expect if you decide to work with this home renovation expert.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Too many people will look at plans and nod and smile like they have a clear understanding of what the plans show. All too often, people also pretend to understand what the contractor just said. Unfortunately, this can lead to misunderstandings and mistakes being made during the home renovation. Don’t be afraid to ask the professional to help you throughout the remodel for clarification at any point. We all know the saying there’s no such thing as a dumb question, and besides, the contractor or designer is working for you. In effect, they are your employee. This means two things you have to treat them with respect, but you also get to tell them what to do within reason.

Change orders cost time and money– in a perfect world, you wouldn’t make any changes.

Making changes partway through a renovation can cause many complications. At best, making changes will cost time and money. Any changes that you make may seem like a good idea, better quick phone call to the person helping you may lead you to understand or see it in a different light. Believe it or not, shifting a toilet 3 feet to the left or right could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Pay for quality on regularly used items.

I always recommend buying quality products for things that irregularly use, such as faucets or cabinet hinges. Yes, when it comes to cabinet hinges, you do have options. Not only will a crop quality product last longer, but it can be a minimalist upgrade that gives you a home renovation a feeling of luxury. For example, soft close hinges on kitchen cabinets or an upgrade that everybody loves.

Overspending on luxury items.

On the other hand, don’t get carried away and spend money unnecessarily. For example, you can spend thousands on a sofa. However, some amazing accent pillows on a mid-level comfortable sofa can still achieve an amazing high-end look if you are going for that in a living room renovation. Another example could be spending $10,000 on a refrigerator when a $1200 model will give the same look and function. Be sure to enjoy the experience but being a little frugal at times can lead to a heightened level of enjoyment, believe it or not.

Hire a general contractor.

The final tip I have for you for your next home renovation or house remodeling project is hiring a general contractor.

This becomes exponentially important as the size of the harm renovation project increases. A good general contractor will keep the home renovation project on budget, on time. NBA great go-between to communicate with all the other professionals you want your house to look like at the end of the renovation. This will cost you anywhere from 10 to 30% extra, but heater warning earlier of cheap isn’t always cheaper. 10% extra is not a lot of money if they avoid some massive mistakes for you. It can also significantly reduce the amount of stress and anxiety you experience throughout the home renovation.

Section 2: Home Remodeling Ideas that will Increase the Value of Your House.

These harmful remodeling ideas will cost just hundreds of dollars but increase what your house is worth by thousands. Let’s get stuck in right now.

Kitchen Upgrade. Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets.

The first home renovation tip you can do yourself to add thousands of dollars and breathe new life into space is repainting your kitchen cabinets. This is a project that can be done by an experienced DIY person. It will take time and patience to create a great finish, but it is totally worth it. If it’s something you want to do but don’t want to get dirty yourself, it will cost a little more but is still well worth the investment. the result can look stunning and will certainly improve the value of your home. “We buy Denver houses with the sole intention of updating them and renting them out. Painting kitchen cabinets is a fantastic way to freshen up a house we just bought. It brings the kitchen into the 20th century and adds a great value.”

Upgrade from Laminate to a Solid Stone Surface.

The next renovation idea is to switch out laminate countertops to a solid stone surface. If you ask around and make some calls, there is a great chance you will find a beautiful piece of stone at a great price. This is not something you could cut and finish in your typical garage that the cost of getting this done will be well worth the upgrade. Not only will the solid stone surface last forever, but it will add a luxury field to the space you put it in, be it a kitchen or bathroom.

Paint Your Interior Doors.

Painting your interior doors is something the average patient DIY homeowner can achieve even on the weekend. A pro tip is not to go overboard on the preparation. Today’s paint sticks to almost anything in a quick clean will be more than enough to ensure a lasting finish. Take a look online for some ideas, and in a quick weekend and a few hours of Alba Greece, you can transform the inside of a home from drab to modern chic for less than $100.

Replace Kitchen Hardware.

A tried and true home renovation major upgrade that pays for itself and more is replacing old kitchen cabinet knobs and draw openers for something more modern and today. Replacing a handle on a kitchen cabinet can take just two or three minutes. Replacing a kitchen cabinet handle can cost just a couple of dollars. Once you have changed out any cabinet hardware from something old and drab to a sharp modern handle can really make a room pop. This new pop will just cost a few dollars and could increase the value of your home by thousands. “As a fix and flipper in Denver, I love replacing Kitchen hardware. When we buy a Denver house, it is one of the first things that comes to mind,” said Tara W – a Denver designer and home renovation expert.

Install Soft Close Toilet Seats.

A house renovation often overlooked but creates a spy like experience is switching out old loud banging toilet seats with the soft clothes option. Soft-close toilet seats come in every shape and size. There is no more obvious a situation than closing a toilet seat in the middle of the night with a loud bang to make you clearly understand how cool and how lux a simple soft close toilet seat can really be. Trust me. It’s awesome

Soft Close Kitchen Cabinet Hinges.

Just as soft close toilet seats are great, too are soft close hinges on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. You can purchase a soft close hinge for less than a dollar, so $2 per door, and install each one in mere minutes. Not only does it prevent the cabinet door from slamming, but it holds the cabinet door firmly closed. Don’t underestimate how this can make your house feel worth a lot more. It is a super quick and super easy house renovation project that truly adds dollars and a heightened user experience to your home.

Paint a Room

We all heard this one, but it is a tried and true method. A can of high-quality paint that will cover an entire room and the required paint brushes or rollers will cost you less than $100. In just a matter of hours, you can completely transform a room. I would highly recommend light off white colors to create openness and space. The warmth adds yellows, and I feel something cooler in the blue realm for a pro spot. Either way, be sure to get samples as nothing looks the same as it does even from one room to another. Tara said, ” We buy Denver houses to rehab. The best and easiest ones I have done have been simply painting the interior a new modern, fresh color. The impact is always huge.”

Barnwood Feature Wall

The Barnwood feature wall is a favorite of mine. I’m not sure what it is about to create a feature wall that I feel adds a really cool flavor to any room for just a few dollars. When adding a Barnwood wall, a pro tip is to 1st prepare the wall to install the wood by painting it a very dark brown or black. If the wall is way underneath, you will see the white wall in this space, and it won’t look nearly as professional.

Replace Interior Door Handles.

Not unlike replacing kitchen cabinet or bathroom cabinet handles is replacing the interior door handles of your home. At the renovation project, replacing a door handle will take the average person about 20 minutes. Depending on the handle that you purchase, you can spend 10s up to hundreds of dollars. This is a fine example that will place not to overindulge in my humble opinion. You have many wonderful and modern options when it comes to door handles in the teens of the dollar range that will truly modernize or update your home.

Install Tile Backsplash.

The last home renovation project that you can absolutely do today is to install a tile backsplash. These days, you have so many simple and easy stick-on tile options that look really professional period from subway tile to unique glass patterns. Do a little online research and find pictures that match the room’s colors you plan to install them. This will help you appreciate what the end product will look like and ensure that this renovation project you take on successfully creates a great looking environment and adds value to your home. That would be the ultimate win-win situation, right?

Now you have some amazing tips to ensure your next renovation project goes to plan. You also have some brilliant house remodeling ideas that you can do on a budget and complete in less than a day. We brought these home renovation tips to you today from industry-leading experts in home renovation professional contractors, designers s, and tradespeople.

These home renovation tips are designed to help you be successful in your next remodeling project you decide to take on. As the home renovation you take on size increases, each tip becomes more important.

The DIY projects or house renovation and remodeling ideas were highlighted after the house renovation tips to allow any homeowner to complete. If you own a house and are willing to roll up your sleeves and put a little sweat equity into the home to increase your worth, we are talking to you.

These DIY projects can be a lot of fun and give anybody who takes them on a real sense of achievement. The 100% will add value to your home. Ordinary people like you and me can complete these projects well. That’s assuming you’re average, but I certainly know I am, and when it comes to DIY expertise, I am definitely not at the top of the list. However, I can say 100% honestly that I have performed each one of these house DIY projects. Not only have I done them, but I have done them successfully, and they have turned out fantastic. I know they turned out fantastic because I think they look great, and also, I have a lot of friends and family that have commented most positively.

I wish you well in your next home renovation, or house remodel project. I would love to hear any comments that you have for me about what I have presented to you and maybe if you did any of them how they turned out. If you have some other fabulous ideas, please be sure to comment and let me know.

BONUS: House Flipping in Denver, Colorado.

Flipping a house in any city is hard work. Flipping houses in Denver is uber-competitive. Learn the first few steps from Denver local fix and flip expert right here.

The home renovation and rehab ideas and principles laid out for you are some of the flipping houses’ ideas. When Flipping houses, you must have a plan, understand what adds value, stick to a budget, and work with other home renovation contractors that are experts.

Flipping houses are seen on many shows and are often portrayed as fast cash. However, fix and flip. Another example of house flippers are the We buy houses, we buy ugly houses, we buy houses near you type companies. We spoke to a long time Denver local house fix and flip expert, Juan R. “We buy Denver houses primarily to fix and flip. It’s a tricky but rewarding business. The words you find here are a great place to start. Take your time. Ask lots of questions. Expect everything to go wrong.”

Flipping, fix and flip, flipping houses, and flip it for cash are all terms meaning the same thing within the real estate industry. Flipping houses for cash is the process of buying, rehabbing, or renovating, and then selling a house fast, for profit. Typically the real estate investor needs to sell the house fast to keep costs down.

Flipping houses is performed in every real estate market across the U.S. In each market, the process remains basically the same. There may be some slight differences associated with local or state rules and regulations. As we are in Denver and have done this for many years in Denver, we will mostly speak to them.

Flipping houses in Denver is very competitive. The Denver housing market over the past decade has received a lot of attention nationally. The positive pressure put onDenver’se market has been attributed to lack of inventory, low mortgage rate,s and net positive migration, which many believe is associated with people’s lifestyle choices today. By lifestyle choices, we are talking about the outdoor activities that Denver has to offer. Denver is somewhat the gateway to the fabulous Colorado Rockies.

The first thing I believe you must learn when flipping houses in Denver, you must understand what houses are worth in Denver’s different areas. You can have the same single-family house, but in Montbello, one Lafayette, one Lakewood, and one in Thornton, and each house will be valued differently.

Understanding what a house is worth before you renovate it and what it will be worth after you have done the renovation (or fixed it) gives you the spread and the starting point on how much you can spend and still expect to make money. A great place to get an understanding of house values is Zillow.

If you search for Zillow Thornton CO, you will come to a page that has extensive information on homes in Thornton, CO, that are currently for sale. On this Zillow Thornton Colorado page, you will be able to filter for homes recently sold too. You can select each house in Thornton on Zillow and see photos recorded by the seller. From this, you can start to build your knowledge on house values and potential ARV’s or “after repair values.”

Zillow is what I like to call a MEGA site. Not only is there a Zillow Thornton CO page, but there is a Zillow Lafayette CO. Zillow Arvada, or Zillow Arvada CO will land you with all the starting info you need for homes in Arvada. Thinking of looking at flipping Denver homes in Lakewood? You guess it. Search for Zillow Lakewood or Zillow Lakewood, Colorado, and you will once again be rewarded with a wealth of information.

Information can be found on Zillow’s competitors also. Redfin Denver, Redfin Lakewood, Redfin Boulder, or again Redfin Arvada will allow you to access all the data Redfin has on homes for sale and recently sold in Denver.

Flipping houses in Denver can be rewarding but can be very stressful and costly. This is just scratching the surface. In the future, I will layout more steps. Take your time as your research house flipping. I imagine you believe fix and flips in Denver will lead to fast cash. On a good day, fix and flips in Denver can be very profitable. However, if you get it wrong, the Denver housing market, as stated, is very competitive, and the uber-competitive Denver fix and flip scene can spit you out with the other end without your shirt.

Good luck with your real estate investing career. If you are thinking about flipping houses in Denver, feel free to reach out to me.  I do not profess to know everything. I have made many mistakes. However, I am willing to share my Denver fix and flip knowledge with genuine and hardworking people. You never know – you might get so good at generating cash income through buying and selling houses in Denver through a fix and flips that I could ultimately learn some things from you.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


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