6696 Knox Court, Denver, CO 80221

Individual Property that is for sale in Denver, Colorado

Off Market Investment Property For Sale in Colorado

6696 Knox Court, Denver, CO 80221

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  • Offers start at $345,000
  • ARV $535,000 – 6 if the wind is blowing right 😉
  • 5 bed (egress windows) 
  • 2 bath
  • 1 car garage
  • 2200 square feet 
  • Built 
  • call/text shaun @ 720.418.8670

Photos of the house for sale

Video Walkthrough of Knox Court in Denver

6696 Knox Ct, Denver, CO 80221

5 bed 2 baths 2200 sq feet (finished)

1 car garage

Photo link and video link at bottom of page

Suggested offers start at $346,000

SOLID $50K net at this price with a $75,000 rehab and that it with a very conservative ARV and fairly decent rehab budget (priced out generously by me – and yip I have done a bunch of rehabs over the years so not just making stuff up) – What I’m trying to say is this is a legit deal

ARV: Not a lot of comps around here but easy 500K and if you wanted to push it 6 (in my humble opinion) the area is all location location location in my eyes

Legitimate 5 bed 2 bathroom single-family home

Easy access to Denver or Boulder

Only half a mile to Light rail station

Great access to local parks and amenities

This area is highly undervalued and is poised to “pop”

It’s pretty hard (I mean impossible to get this square footage anywhere near this price in Denver!) to find a house priced like this.

Priced so low because of a structural issue, however, have had a structural engineer walk the property and verify the process to fix it. – at which point he will sign of as structurally stable for resale or rent.

It was bought by the current owner in this condition 8 years ago with no degradation since. It’s just one of those things that experienced investors can capitalize on and make good money.

The rest of the house is used but solid.

As a rental, you could spend minimal and rent as single or do as another investor did nearby and turn it into 2 units – maybe 3 with some imagination unit could bring in $3500-$4000 a month.

If you are out of state and need assistance I am happy to help out as I can. Happy to recommend people that I use or have used.


6725 Irving St, Denver, CO 80221 – 3 bed 1 bath only 1400 sq ft – property in pretty gosh darn poor condition sold for $475,000 on 07/20/2021 (nothing special there)

6731 King St, Denver, CO 80221 – 6 bd 2 ba1,924 sq ft – Sold: $562,000 Sold on 06/10/21 – basic rehab

There is good money in this deal – 100%!!!

If you don’t want it but can bring a buyer to the table happy to pay for the referral. Just let me know

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