3883 Yates St, Denver, CO 80212

Your Next Flip or Rental?
Single Family House in Globeville

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Under contract with a closing date set for July 1st 2021.

Be sure to watch the video before asking questions or asking for a tour of the property.

This property will definitely sell – don’t they all!

It’s a great flip opportunity for a beginner (smaller property = smaller scope of work) or a seasoned investor looking to turn money fast. 

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Property Description

What you have here is 100 year old house in Globeville just North of Denver, but you can certainly ride your bike to Denver or even walk to downtown with easy access under the highway.

The house is on a double lot. It has a great side yard and a large backyard too.

There are two buildings on the property, including the home, which is a single family house and also A1 car garage in the back which has alleyway access.

Inside the house you will find an upstairs in a basement level. Upstairs the main living area, which flows into the dining room and in the kitchen – slight right to bathroom and down the left side of the house are the two bedrooms.

If you go through the kitchen to the back, there is a second back door that will lead out into the yard or a stairwell downstairs into a full basement, which is completely dry, which is a nice thing.

At the top of the stairs is a nice set of pull down stairs which leads into a tall attic space which has the potential to be finished to some degree. Maybe a playroom or guest area office space. It would be really neat.

Global, like all of Denver, is a very hot neighborhood right now with legitimate comps selling at $400,000. So this would be a great opportunity as a rental or a flip. It’s a small house so the renovation budget is going to be smaller.

The roof is not going to be replied, needing, replaced and the House is generally very straight.

If you are thinking about flipping this home, there is a lot of different choices and opportunities and routes you can go.

It would also make a great rental property with the ability to rent it probably as is close to $2000 a month.

You could get a lot more range if you renovated it really nicely.

Please email me at Sean at Watson buys if you want more information and put a subject Globeville Investment property opportunity just North of downtown Denver.

Of course Watson buys is a Denver based. Cash house buyer. So if you know somebody that wants to sell their house, please have them give us a call.

We will buy any house and we will pay cash for it. It doesn’t matter what the condition is or what the reason is for selling. We can certainly help anybody that is looking to get rid of a house.

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You can find more information and talk directly with the seller of this property who is a business located in Denver, Colorado

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