1630 S Lowell Denver CO 80219

Individual Property that is for sale in Denver, Colorado

Off Market Investment Property For Sale in Colorado

1630 S Lowell Denver CO 80219


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This is a really good opportunity for experienced investors to get in and out in 4 weeks or for newer investors to take on an entire house that is still manageable.

As a semi experienced house flipper (Phillip and I have combined for 47 flips over the past 13 years) we believe we can get in and out of this one in 4 weeks. We know the rehab stands at 61,300 and that’s with a generous 20% contingency. 

This is an awesome flip opportunity with very relevant comps. We even talked to the agent who sold the house two doors down. It should have gone for more but she explained the sellers were in a super duper hurry. 

Here are some photos of the flip

Here is some video content as well as a little bit of info about the team at Watson Buys

We are not players, we are not 10 X’ers. We are hard-working real estate investors based in Denver Colorado buying and selling and building a portfolio of rentals. 


1630 S Lowell Blvd, Denver, CO 80219

We will be showing this property on Tuesday September 14th. Time to be determined

We will blast out the showing times via email so if you are interested complete the simple signup form above.

Do not disturb the owner as they are emptying out their precious belongings

Bring checkbooks because it will be sold by the end of the day

Bottle of Champagne to the winning bid (and by champagne it may be the American version but still super fun to shake up and spray on the house!!!)

Huge Net Profit at this price! Only 61k in rehab to get the property in pristine condition. We have done a bunch of rehabs in the area and this deal is as good as they get!

You could even rehab it in the low $40K’s – keep it simple and sleek and still shoot for 500 plus – don’t do the windows for example – I like doing the windows but the ones that are in their are broken. 

ARV: There are plenty of comps in the area, which makes this much easier to get your numbers with not much guessing. 

After rehab this is a legit 4 bed 2 bath

ONLY 15-20 minutes from Downtown Denver. Just a few minutes away from a couple lake parks AND Sanderson Gulch Trail. 

This neighborhood has recently seen many on market deals with major updates and is still increasing in value. 

The neighbors are awesome on both sides and running several doors down. No noisy people living next door here. 

Current owner converted the garage into additional room. This has been done on flips in the area and we are ahead of the game with this property! This property still has off street parking which is great for the location. 

If you are out of state OR newer with rehabs I am happy to help as I can. Happy to recommend those who I personally use or have used in the past! 


1610 S Lowell – 4 bed 1 bath, 1200 sq ft. Updated property. We spoke with the listing agent who advised that the seller took first offer due to time crunch. They felt they could have gotten a lot more.  Sold for $455,000 08/27/2021

1620 S Lowell – 2 bed 1 bath, 1000 sq ft. Also updated property, however the garage was NOT converted for additional sq ft. Sold for $450,000 04/30/2021

1601 S Knox Court – 4 bed 2 bath 1396 sq ft. This property was a flip itself and garage was converted. With the extra bathroom the value for this property sky rocketed!!! Sold for $536,000 06/09/2021. This is the one that if you copy you will get gold. Great looking rehab – money spent in all the right places but you will see they sold at this price with the popcorn walls etc. 

There is good money in this deal – 100%!!!

If you don’t want it but can bring a buyer to the table happy to pay for the referral. Just let me know