101 Simple Hacks to Sell Your Indianapolis Home Quickly

(AND Get a Good Price!)

Are you in Indianapolis and do you want to sell your house in a hurry?

These 101 simple hacks to sell Your Indianapolis home quickly are put together for you by:

  • local Indy real estate agents
  • Professional Indianapolis Stagers
  • Indianapolis real estate investors

AND other real estate insiders for your benefit!

You will read some great hacks to help you sell your house quickly no matter what time of year and regardless of you being on Indy’s Westside, north in Broadripple, or further into Carmel, south of Indianapolis in Greenwood or Southport or in the eastern neighborhoods like Little Flower or Irvington.

We have the best 101 hacks for you to sell your house fast right here!

Are you ready for 101 Simple Hacks to Sell Indianapolis Home Quickly?

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These Hacks will Sell Homes in Indy Fast!

How do I know my hacks will allow you to sell your house in Indianapolis quickly?

My name is Shaun. That’s me the goofy-looking guy in glasses with my cat. I may be goofy looking but I am a hard worker and honest.

Now, why am I holding a cat?

Well, I love dogs too but this happens to be a fellow we adopted from a shelter. A lot of the money we make goes to helping out homeless animals. There are more details on our about us page. 

So why will these hacks provide you solutions to sell your Indy home quickly?

I have been buying and selling houses in Indianapolis for a long time. It’s my job. These are tips, advice and inside secrets, people have shared with me over the years. 

These hacks have helped me countless times and I want to share them with you right now.

Table of Contents: Simple Hacks to Sell Indianapolis Home Quickly

101 tips and hacks to sell your Indy home fast!

Paint your walls a light color. Our favorite is Alabaster (SW 7008). You might like bright colors, but remember this is not for you. If you want a fast sale go with neutral. Let the potential buyers dress it up after they purchase it.

Get rid of any clutter. Buyers want to see organized. They want to imagine living in your house. They definitely don’t want to see overflowing closets and garages filled with junk. De-cluttered houses sell faster. 

Remove big furniture to create more space. In addition to clearing out clutter removing large furniture can make a room feel spacious. Double with light paint and you will impress buyers. Donate, store or sell your large pieces to make more room.

What do you thing of these simple hacks to sell Indianapolis home quickly?

Fixing Small Items Are Cheap and Effective Ideas that Sell a House Quick

Fix any small obvious broken items. Front entrance light switch cracked? Just a few bucks and it’s fixed. Does the doorbell need a battery? Make sure your house presents well if you need a quick sale. These quick fixes can be done by any handy person or cheaply by a pro. 

Don’t spend time and money renovating but instead highlight what you have. If selling fast is the goal you don’t want to dive into a 10-week renovation, right? Paint, quick fixes, a great clean will get your house ready to sell without the huge cost. 

Staging is important to set the tone and help buyers imagine your house as their new home. You don’t have to pay 1000’s of dollars. Clean up, do some research online, and you can easily create a modern, efficient and attractive space. 

Remove personal photos and trinkets. You don’t have to convert your home into a showroom but you want to give buyers the opportunity to see the house as theirs. Removing photos and sports trophies will help you sell faster by allowing buyers to get attached.

Is selling my house with a realtor quicker than selling by myself?

If you need to sell a house quickly then you must choose the fastest selling method. There are 3 main ways to sell your house:

  1. Sell your house using a realtor.
  2. Sell your house by yourself.
  3. Sell to an investor.

If you are trying to decide between using a real estate agent and selling by yourself then we have the answer for you.

After doing an extensive online search and outreach to real estate professionals we can reveal the FACTS. It is faster to sell your house if you use a real estate agent versus selling by yourself. 

On average it will take 63 days to sell your house if you use a realtor.

If you sell your house on your own (FSBO) it is common for it to take more than 100 days.

Not only that but there is plenty of research to suggest that selling with an agent will get you a better sales price. 

Selling with a real estate agent is fast than selling on your own because:

  1. Realtors have vast networks of buyers.
  2. Real estate agents have access to the best technology to list and promote your house.
  3. Agents understand how to run comps and therefore know the best price for your house to sell quickly. 
  4. A great agent understands what small repairs are required to speed up the sale of your house. 

Video Content:
What is the fastest way to sell a house in Indianapolis?

We compare selling with an agent, FSBO, and to a cash buyer and reveal the quicker way to sell. 

So what did you learn from the video?

REMEMBER: Just because it’s the fastest way doesn’t make it the best choice. If you need to talk to someone about your selling options just reach out to us on the phone or via the form! (just below and NO OBLIGATION What-so-ever!)

Real Advice and Hacks to Sell Fast that Actually Work!

For every $1000 you decide to spend fixing and renovating it will take a week to accomplish. Do not go down this path if you need to sell your house in a hurry. Besides for the typical owner you only get back 80 cents for every $1.00 you spend.

Take a moment to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Do a walk-through of your house. Be critical. What would you change (that doesn’t cost much)?

In today’s competitive market in Indianapolis, you must make your home stand out. Highlight the positives so buyers see what it really has to offer.

Houses in Indy often have rooms that can be used for multiple reasons. Define each room to tell the story of your home. Help buyers see what each room is for. Make it obvious. You might use a bedroom as an office room as an office, but buyers might not understand that. Setting up rooms for their intended purpose will help you sell more quickly. 

If you have pets you want to remove any odors. An amazing tip we recently got was an ozone machine! These eliminate all odors really quickly. BUT be sure to read the instructions. No-one can be in the house and you must remove pets while they are in use!

Make your house flow and easy to walk through. Remove furniture, clutter, or other things that might be blocking potential buyers from walking through your house. 

Need to Sell Fast?

Or just have a question?

Some Exterior Hacks and Tips to Sell Your Indianapolis House Faster.

Some Ideas for the Exterior of your House. 

The Indy heat in Summer and the cold in Winter can deteriorate your home’s exterior fast. You want to set a great first impression so put these hacks and ideas into effect.

Curb appeal is critical. Daily remove any trash, and paper that may have blown into your yard. Keep the lawn mowed. Step outside onto the curb and look at your house. 

We already said this but be sure to mow the grass. Well-trimmed grass makes your home look nice. AND nice-looking homes sell faster, right? People in Indianapolis are proud owners and love their lawns so make it shine!

Add some seasonal flowers for instant color. They are pretty. If it’s winter then some colorful pots can do the trick. 

Borrow your neighbor’s power washer and clean the outside of your house. In Indianapolis pay attention to the north side where mold prefers to grow.

Use the same power washer to clean off the driveway, decks, and paths. There are some simple and effective products at the local box stores. 

Weed the garden regularly. Especially during Indy’s growing season, spring and early summer and fall (pretty much all year except winter, right?) Weeding is not fun but it makes your house look cared for and cared for homes sell faster than uncared for houses. 

Lets continue with more practical and simple hacks to sell Indianapolis home quickly.

Hack Number 34: Paint Front Door for a Fast and Easy Upgrade

Painting the front door is a great way to make your house pop from the curb. Check out the best colors to paint a front door to sell fast. The right color will help sell more quickly and for a better price!

A nice welcome mat is a cost-effective way to welcome potential buyers into your house. ADDED BONUS: A friendly note asking them to wipe their feet keeps your house clean and gives a real sense you care for your property.

REMEMBER that cared-for houses sell fast!

Stage outdoor spaces. Staging isn’t just for indoor spaces. Make your deck and outdoor entertaining areas as appealing as possible with plants, paint, and great design.

If your mailbox needs some love be sure to clean it up paint it or even replace it and worn out tired mailbox not get a good first impression.

It’s surprising how many people ignore the number on the house. The number is important because:

  1. It’s required so potential buyers can find your home
  2. The right numbers can give your house warmth
  3. In an emergency situation, it’s a big safety feature

Clean Gutters are Another Simple Hack to Sell Quick

The gutters should be cleaned out especially in Indianapolis. imagine if there was a sudden downpour and your gutters are full. potential buyers do not want to see overflowing rain gutters!

We’ve already talked about staging the inside of your house when you’re selling it however staging the outside is important also. How many of us love spending the long Indianapolis summer evenings grilling and hanging out with friends. For an added bit of spark add some lights for a high-end feel. There are plenty of options that are solar powered so no need to run power!

Clean and maintain any outdoor furniture, pools, or entertainment spaces. Make sure you look at your outdoor spaces critically as well. Everything must be in good repair.

If there are plants blocking windows make sure you trim them back. This will let more light side and make the outside look good. 

Clean the house because clean houses sell faster than dirty ones.

Buyers in Indianapolis, or anywhere, in fact, want to see a clean house. 

These hacks will make sure your house meets buyers’ expectations. 

Always keep your house super duper clean. If you do this any last seconds buyers can come in and see your shining home. 

Be sure to always do the dishes! Nothing worse than walking into a house you want to buy and there is a pile of dirty plates and whatnot out! Wash them at each sitting or put them in the dishwasher. This is an easy and effective hack. 

Always pick up your clothes. 

Clean windows let in more light and let you see out! It’s amazing what a good cleaning will do for windows.

Dust off all ceiling fans, lights, and flat surfaces. Buyers will see the dust or cobwebs on the living room fan. 

The same goes for vent and duct covers!

Spend a few dollars and have the carpet cleaned or clean them yourself with a commercial carpet cleaner. These days you can even add a fresh scent! Indianapolis winters are tough on carpets with a combination of snow, ice, and mud! Clean shows you care and cared means a faster sale!

If you have curtains be sure to run them through the washer and hang them while they are warm so there are zero wrinkles. If need press them to create a high-end finish. 

While you are out it double-check the window sills and on top of the curtain rail for dust. A simple easy hack that will absolutely help your Indy home stand out!

So how many tips,  pieces of advice or simple hacks to sell Indianapolis home quickly have we covered?

More Insider Tips for a Spotless House and Quick Sale

If there are lots of toys around it makes the house feel cluttered. Put them all way in an organized manner. Even if it’s a simple cardboard box. Don’t just throw them in a closet. Buyers will notice. 

Give your walls a quick wipe to remove any obvious stains and marks. This can make a huge difference.

While you are at it wipe down any light switches. Make the whites white.

A simple upgrade can be replacing the light switch covers. AN absolute must if any are damaged.

For a few more dollars and a modern upgrade replace a few strategically placed outlets with ones that have a USB connection. AND be sure to mention them in the listing. Simple tech upgrades help some in Indy sell quickly, trust me… I have done this!

A clean bathroom and kitchen are super important if you want to sell your house fast. Give yourself extra time in these spaces to be sure.

I like to put a triangle fold on the toilet paper to add a spa feel! Free and easy!

Removing the Clutter in the house is key to selling fast and for a good price.

De-cluttering will make your house feel bigger. These easy and practical tips will turn your clutter zone into a zen-flowing feel ready to sell.  

A garage sale is a great way to get some extra cash and at the same time advertise you are prepping to sell your house. Who knows you could sell your house before you even list it!

PRO TIP: Put in the ad that it is a getting ready to sell my house fast garage sale…More than once I have sold a house this way!

Make sure all closets are clean and clear. Make them look functional. They don’t have to be emptied but they absolutely must be organized. 

Storage Sells Houses! Another Hack to sell fast!

Do you think storage is another simple hacks to sell Indianapolis home quickly?

Yes it is! Highlight all storage spaces by purchasing some baskets or bins for cheap. Remember all the toys you have to put away? Here is a great way to do it.

Only have what you need and even then keep that out of sight. Organized means cared for and cared for means a faster sale. 

There are many storage options in Indianapolis that are reasonably priced. It doubles as a staging area for when you do get your house sold. 

Keep all your counters clear of stuff and clutter. AND CLEAN! You don’t want toothpaste stains on the vanity top or coffee spilled on the kitchen counter when buyers come through. It’s fast and easy to wipe down counters after use. C

This is important so I will mention it again. Keep personal items like photos to a minimum. Remember you are trying to sell your house so you need potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Lots of photos of you and your family will not help. 

If you want to sell your house fast be sure to keep drawers and closets only partially soul. this will make them look bigger than they are. if you need somewhere to put stuff don’t forget about the potential storage units nearby.

If you have a garage you want it to be organized also. remove any clutter and if can take the power washer to the garage floor too. If the garage is a real feature maybe you could spruce up the garage floor with some garage floor paint. It’s fast, cheap and anyone can do it with a little patience. 

Treat selling your house like a business transaction, because it is!

Be optimistic at all times. Even though Indianapolis is a very popular and competitive real estate market think of this as positive because the competitive nature just means there are buyers out there looking for a great new home.

When it comes to showing your property be flexible. a big part of being flexible is being ready at all times. we’re still back to items like keeping the kitchen clean the bathroom clean, so if your agent calls with a potential buyer you can make it happen.

Is Your house inviting?
Take a walk-through of your house, be critical and be objective, and put yourself in buyers’ shoes. Do you see your house as someone’s home? You’ve come this far and if it’s not quite the to ensure quick sale do the little bit extra put it over the finish line with these hacks and best tips.

Spruce up the place with some new pillows, maybe a nice throw rug, even some technology it’s like a smart thermostat will USB plugs. What about a scented candle?

Fresh fruit and vegetables in a nice bowl on the kitchen counter is a great hack and tasty too!

What about some inexpensive flowers? Any flowers can add Color and supermarkets often have them on sale. Be sure to keep an eye out and sell that house quickly!

Updated lights is another one of our simple hacks to sell Indianapolis home quickly

Lighting is a key element when selling a house. We already talked about making sure the windows are clean to allow natural light in. The lighter the home the bigger it feels and for the most part, most space for a great price equals a fast sale. a lot of older homes in Indianapolis have small rooms so this is a really good hack that will truly make a difference.

Have you heard of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears? Not too hot, not too cold, but just right! Keep the temperature in a comfortable setting. Spend a few extra dollars to keep it cool on a hot Indianapolis summer day and cozy on a cold Indiana night.

Be sure your home smells nice. you don’t want to overpower people with a perfume smell that there are many special options. my favorite is the spicy cinnamon smell.

Some pros recommend cooking chocolate chip biscuits. My concern here is that baking can create a mess in the kitchen. Do messy kitchens sell properties fast?

Also, there’s nothing worse than a burnt smell in the kitchen to turn away potential buyers so make sure you know what you are doing.

Another hack is instead of baking, use the microwave to heat up some cookies that you bought from the local bakery. This can release a tasty aroma.

Just like we mentioned keeping out of the way when you show the house you should keep ticks out of the way to. not everybody is going to love your cat or dog and some people may even be allergic to them

Candles are a way to set a warm mood and release a nice smell. They don’t even have to be lit. In fact, I prefer them not to be late for safety reasons.

Can you imagine walking into a home to be confronted by mouse traps, sticky fly sheets, or anything to suggest an infestation? Do you think this would help you sell your house fast? We all know bugs are a way of life in Indianapolis so there’s no real need to remind people.

When selling a house, don’t give up information for free. only answer questions that you asked. There is a time after a buyer submits an offer that you accept, called disclosures for odds and ends to be revealed.

If you sell your house with a real estate agent make sure they have great local knowledge and reviews. Put together a list of questions you can ask them an interview more than just one to be sure you have a good fit.

When potential buyers I looking at your house do not be there. imagine yourself looking at you and you’re home with the current owners looking over your shoulder and breathing down your neck. it’s just not comfortable.

If you need to sell your home fast you need to price it accordingly. Indianapolis is a very competitive market so make sure your comps are accurate. A great agent will set the perfect (well almost perfect price) from the get-go.

Do not just set and forget your listing. If you need to sell your Indy home fast you need to be analyzing and reviewing each showing. Ask for feedback so the next one is better!

If you need to sell your house fast maximize any advertising opportunity. this includes having a for-sale sign in your front yard.

Take advantage of any self-marketing you can do. Remember the garage sale we mentioned earlier. what about Facebook or other social media platforms. be sure to tell your friends family workmates, associates, and even the staff that serves you when you eat out so that you can keep your kitchen clean the day before an open house, right?

Keep your kitchen clean. I just had to say that again because it really makes a difference when selling.

Have you ever heard the saying a picture tells a thousand words? If you need a quick sale great photos can make a huge difference. You don’t have to go overboard how is the be sure to put so into it.

Video walkthroughs, virtual tours, and drone footage are quickly becoming popular take a minute to check these options out.

Selling your house fast in Indianapolis can be tough because it’s a super competitive market. This means that you must price it right when you list it you must list it to sell. This doesn’t mean you just count it heavily that you do need to price it right. If you don’t have experience running comps a great real estate agent or real estate professional can help you through this.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. I’m looking at you guys 🙂

When you need to get anything done quickly spending some time upfront doing some research is key. this is particularly true if you need to sell your house fast in the hyper-competitive real estate market of Indianapolis.

If you are a smoker I highly recommend you stop smoking in your house if you want a fast sale. Smoke lingers and can be a big turn-off for a potential buyer.

If it’s not too hot out open Windows to create a nice breeze turn the fire on for our cold Indy winter days.

Don’t overdo it, and try to make your house look like a magazine or show home. While we need our house to be clean and organized to sell it fast, I’ve been in many that have created a cold space that feels like a hospital. Not a place I want to live in. What about you?

Throw pillows a quick and cheap hack to add some color. Besides you can take these with you if you choose so you’re not giving them away.

With any decorating remember it’s not for you but for someone you want to sell your house to. keep things neutral and simple for a quick sale.

Here are some hacks in great ideas for some simple improvements that anyone can do set an easy and add value.

New pulls or Handles in the kitchen can be done cheaply easily and can add a modern feel.

Repeat the replacement of handles in your bathrooms too. Simple right?

Replacing your light bulbs with LED Mason costly that you can advertise Energy Efficiency as well as sitting the color in your home. It is popular to choose daylight color which as we now know can make a room feel larger. AND as we all know some of the older homes in Indianapolis have rooms that are quite small.

Not only are our rooms sometimes small but stairwells and who weighs can feel tight and dark. it’s not that difficult to add extra lights or cans. Just a thought that I have seen go over really well!

You don’t want to get into a huge renovation but you can update or fix a few items like holes, cleaning up spills and scuffs too. these can be done simply and for a cheap price while you have the tv on in the background.

It’s a little bit more work but regrouting tile can really make a bathroom or kitchen backsplash stand out.

Second to regrouting and just as effective can be recaulking a tub. I’m sure you’ve noticed the moldy-looking cool cook surrounding your tub. A tube of cork is cheap and easy to apply.

Remove wallpaper especially if it’s peeling and moldy which is not unusual in damp Indianapolis homes. After you’ve removed it you can paint. AND remember to use a light color if you want to sell your house quickly.

You don’t have to replace the whole toilet I will buy a new toilet seat is an upgrade that costs less than $30 and can be done in a matter of minutes.

If your tub is old it is possible to hire a professional to resurface it. Alternatively, there are several products available that are effective. Not only do they make your tub look new again but the average do-it-yourselfer can definitely get it done.

A bright new modern shower curtain can make a huge difference and is another cheap hack.

A dripping faucet will tell lookers you don’t care about your house. Replacing a faucet is another do-it-yourself project it takes just a few hours and cost tens of dollars.

Fix any leaks, holes, and squeaky doors. Many homeowners turn to a can of WD-40. I prefer a graphite spray. It smells less and lasts longer. In-fact in my own house, I sprayed the hinges on my wood-burning stove 7 years ago and they still are silent!

If you have any issues with water coming into your house from the outside I would highly recommend getting them repaired before listing. Leaks will be caught on inspection. They will need to be fixed. Get it out of the way and make people feel like the house they are buying is well taken care of. It really helps in keeping the closing process moving forward. Again very important to avoid delays if you need to sell your house quickly, right?

Add some plants or flowers indoors and outside for color, aroma, and a cared-for feel. A great hack that costs a small amount of time and money.

New lights are easy to install. For added value be on the lookout for sales. Individual stores may have leftover items they need to get rid of so call around. I have bought a $200 hanging light for 20 bucks before and it just took 1 hour to install.

Make sure you turn off the power! Make sure you know absolutely what you are doing otherwise hire a pro to do it for you.

Staging your home can make a big difference when you’re selling your house. The following hacks will help you achieve great flow for a small price.

Take the opportunity to update furniture for your new house. Just because you use furniture for staging doesn’t mean you sell it with the house. Just a few well thought pieces of furniture can update any space you are selling. You’ll be amazed and how fast a house will sell that has a good flow.

Be sure each room is inviting and well-defined in its space and use. Help potential buyers imagine themselves living in your house.

When needing to sell a property quickly you shouldn’t make it too specific so that you have the widest range of potential buyers.

Less can be more when it comes to selling your house. Avoiding renovations means spending less money. Less money means less time. Less time means a faster sale.

Less clutter means better flow, means faster sale.

Every tip and hack we have given you to this point leads to a faster sale. Be sure to keep reading just a few more. You don’t want to miss out.

I just mentioned flow and it truly is a great hack that just requires a little thought. A little online research can go a long way in this department or reach out for help.

When you are selling a house you want it to look as big as possible. Potential buyers need to feel like they are getting a great space for the dollars they are spending. Light bright colors, removing clutter, and large pieces of furniture creates a feeling of space every time.

Would you like to move into a happy space or a sad space? I know my answer every time. Making your home feel happy can create an emotional connection between your house and a buyer. Create this connection and you have them on the hook for real!

Did I mention choosing light colors? Yes, I did but it really is important because it creates more space, creates a sense of warmth, helps buyers connect, and gets your house sold quickly.

Creating a light feel is especially important for those called dark Indianapolis days and nights.

Who has seen the movie A Christmas Story? Does anyone remember the lamp? I would consider this a controversial piece of furniture or decor that, if you’re looking to sell quickly you should put in storage.

An interesting side note is that A Christmas Story was filmed in Indiana. Pretty cool aye!

If you don’t want to spend money on a few modern pieces of furniture there are many places in Indianapolis you can rent them. The right furniture can definitely help you sell your home faster than your competition.

If you have no clue about creating an inviting space then a pro stager is worth their weight in gold. They can work to your budget and do all the heavy lighting (literally) for you!

Clean and organized kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. We have mentioned a number of practical hacks you can do yourself TODAY!

Spend a little time and explore your creative side. Ask for advice and share your intentions as much as possible.

If you need to sell your house quickly these hacks will absolutely help. It takes effort but it is totally worth it.

Implement these and you will sell fast and for a great price!

Need to Sell Fast?

Or just have a question?

More Great Tips, Hacks, and Secrets for your and your house in Indianapolis, IN.

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